Probiotic Skincare works!


Do you know why there is so much talk about probiotics in skin care lately ?! It works!

It works because we see the positive results in our beauty institute every day. Faces with acne, skin ageing, sensitivity, redness or other problem skins benefit from probiotics one by one.

But it really works also! Because probiotic skin care ensures a skin in balance with living (yes!) and working bacteria. Esse sows your skin with good (pro-biotic) microbes and also provides prebiotics, a nutrient base so that our good skin bacteria can nestle and multiply strongly. Because these good guys just belong in our skin.

Welcome home!

More than half of our skin consists of bacteria, so good skin can only be balanced if our 'housemates' feel good too: a good skin biotome (all microbes, bacteria and your own skin cells together) is one without chemical residues, so that good bacteria survive much better and there is no chance of overgrowth by bad bacteria.

The culprits ..

Because despite today's progress, the skin is deteriorating. Antibiotics (the opposite of probiotics) not only kill bad bacteria, the high Ph values ​​in our soaps, the chlorine in our water, the reduced contact with nature unlike in the past .. general hygiene has improved, but unfortunately it ensures that our diversity of microbes has decreased.

The auxiliaries.

By nourishing our skin with prebiotics and re-seeding with good, living bacteria, Esse probiotic Skincare ensures that our skin regains that good balance. Living bacteria ensure the future of your skin.

The result: beautiful, radiant and healthy skin with much slower ageing skin cells.

The video perfectly shows what the skincare of the future looks like!

If you want more information about starting your own probiotic skin care, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you on the right track!