Probiotics in a nutshell..


Science is not a breeze. Often difficult words, definitions, formulas and finally a lengthy 'scientific explanation' why something is 'as it is' is used.

But science also brings us a lot of good things. For example, there was a project about microbial flora (intestinal flora, skin flora, etc.) in humans, and in 2013, after 5 years of research, a result emerged that surprised almost everyone!

It was previously impossible to believe that human skin actually consists of billions of microbes that work deep within your skin structure with your own skin cells and thus make your beautiful skin shine!

But unfortunately .. partly due to medical and technological progress, we appear to possess up to 30% fewer good microbes than in the past! Comparative studies (thank you Science!) With distant tribes, among others, show this. The top 3 causes are the excessive use of ANTI biotics, caesarean sections and .. chemical products in cosmetic products. Less good microbes unfortunately give free play to more other - bad - microbes.

This is where the story about PRObiotics and the good bacteria begins.

PRObiotics are substances that feed our good bacteria (while antibiotics exist to kill the bad bacteria).

By nourishing the skin with additional bacteria and also feeding all existing bacteria with probiotics, you get a super healthy skin that cannot give place to bad bacteria. A skin cell can only house a limited number of bacteria and so the bad guys fall off!

After many years of research (again that science), Esse has succeeded in putting those good, living bacteria and probiotics in a jar and keeping them alive without preservatives (because then bacteria die)! 

The Probiotic Serum from Esse uses those living probiotics to restore the ecosystem of your skin and to keep it healthy. Each mililiter contains 1 million live bacteria and probiotics! This is the world's first ever serum with live probiotics!

Thanks to Esse, we can optimize our skin again in a completely natural way and our skin will continue to use that strong probiotic boost to protect itself from bad external factors.

Still curious about the scientific explanation? Then click on the link below!