About us

in fact it's all about you and your health!

Veganbioty.com is primarily focused on preventing animal suffering and maintaining a sustainable nature.

We want to do our bit for a better environment, without any taboos. So no compromises with chemicals, plastics, toxins and other harmful substances that affect the environment and ourselves.

Every day we are exposed to all kinds of harmful oxidants. Exhaust gases, ozone, sulfur and nitrogen dioxide and heavy metals - to name just a few - cause a lot of damage to the environment and to our personal ecosystem.

These substances are harmful to general health and unfortunately bear a great responsibility in the aging process of our body.

To stabilize this anti-aging process, conventional beauty brands let us apply extra chemicals to the skin, with results that today usually show a significant positive effect in the short term. However, studies have proven that, unfortunately, short-term effects also have unforeseeable consequences in the longer term.

The contemporary beauty industry strives to achieve startling and short-term effects, but does not show us the harmful effects of the chemicals used on our skin in the longer term.

That is why at Veganbioty.com we are convinced that this can be done differently!

We translate our values ​​into the products we offer, by keeping them as close to nature as possible, without having to harm nature and animals and without compromising on quality.

On the contrary! Esse is a fairly young brand whose products have already caused a stir and have already received several prestigious beauty awards.

The products that you find in our online store are all quality products that tick all the boxes of our philosophy:


Free from any animal suffering

As much as possible organic

As much as possible CO2 neutral

As much as possible Fairtrade

So about us is also about you!

We take away the care that you take when searching for animal and environmentally friendly beauty products and we give you a new and much healthier way to get your skin in top shape and to keep it that way!

Welcome to Veganbioty.com!